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1. Your full page ad(edit as often as desired) on 20+ Web Directories, 30+ Blog Sites.

2. We place you on Multiple Search Engine Sites, All these Ads and links help boost your rankings in the major search engines .

3. Flat rate: $79.95/year. Unlimited clicks! 

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BENEFITS -  Full Page Ads you can customize!

Your Ad Caption on Multiple Business Search Engines

Shows your advertising caption in the middle of the Internet Search Results screens with a hyperlink to take web surfers to your Web Ad.  Change your Ad as often as you want.
Allows only businesses and non-profit organizations web sites on these business search engines
The search results screen which has links to your Full Page Ads and website. 

Full Page Ads increase your search rankings

No one else offers Full Page Ads and web advertising at a low cost(flat rate) of $79.95/year with no PPC charges!
You get a Full Page Ad which is a separate HTML page that search engines can find.
Your Full Page Ad page is added to 20+ Business Directories with an index.
We give you 2 images(any size) that web surfers can click on to take you into a certain page on your site to buy.
Effective Advertising for your dollar! Rather than spending $20-40 per word on a Pay Per Click program, you can advertising with us for $79.95/year for Site Advertising AND Product Advertising.

Great Internet Advertising: 30 Day Free Trial

After you sign up with us your web site is automatically added to multiple Business Search Sites.
You are granted your own private web account to Add/Edit your Ads to bring in more traffic/business to your web site
Full Page Ads can have your keywords, title, descriptions / Meta tags.
Unlimited clicks!  No PPC or click charges!  Automatic billing on your credit card.